“I’m better now,” said Jambul Hovsepyan from Artsakh in a conversation with Forrights.am. It is three day since his son, Vahe Hovsepyan, has returned from Baku.

To remind, on August 28, three young people from Artsakh were kidnapped by armed Azerbaijanis from the illegal checkpoint located in the Lachin Corridor: Baku accused them of allegedly disrespecting the national flag of Azerbaijan.

Vahe Hovsepyan visited Yrablur military pantheon after arriving in Yerevan. “He went to Yerablur, carrying flowers; he called from there,” said the father, noting that his son is trying to leave what happened in the past and continue living to fulfill his goals. He will go to school from September 12.

The father shared some details of what happened with his son. “They took him blindfolded to Baku; first took him to Horadiz, and from there to Baku by helicopter. They brought a closed car from Baku to Hakari Bridge. They were in prison for 10 days. All three were in the same room. The Red Cross has taken Armenian books for them.”

To remind, the Azerbaijani side deported these boys from the territory of Azerbaijan, which means from the territory of the Republic of Artsakh. If any of the boys try to cross the Hakari Bridge, they will be kidnapped again. 62-year-old Jambul Hovsepyan says that he cannot imagine how the meeting between him and his son will take place.

“I can’t imagine how I should cross the Hakari bridge: they might arrest me under a false pretext,” he says and expresses hope that at least his wife will somehow manage to go to Yerevan. It should be noted, however, that Aliyev, who has adopted a genocidal policy, does not take any steps to open the path of vital importance for the people of Artsakh.

The security and humanitarian problems in Artsakh are getting bigger and deeper. It is noted that there is a supply of flour for several days left. Jambul Hovsepyan says that it is very difficult to overcome the problems: they cannot buy anything with the money. However, as he says, he is satisfied that his son successfully returned to his homeland.

“Bread is a problem. There are huge lines, they give 200 grams [of bread], half a small loaf for one person. We eat what is available,” says the man from Artsakh and expresses hope that the problems will be solved in the near future.

Let’s remind that a month and a half ago, Azerbaijanis kidnapped 68-year-old Vagif Khachatryan from Hakari bridge. He was a resident of Artsakh and was coming to Armenia for surgery.

Narek Kirakosyan

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