Bombardments, basements, childbirth: The story of an Artsakh woman

Bombardments, basements, childbirth: The story of an Artsakh woman

"We were expecting the baby to be born before October 7, but it happened early." This is how Anahit Ghazaryan from Getavan village of Martakert region, NK begins the story of her labor on the way to displacement from Artsakh. "Our village was right on the front line....

Unfinished Lives

They still had a lot to say to this world, but alas…

Late Justice correspondent Ani Gevorgyan’s film about the violated rights of convicts and not only.

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Captivity: After being tortured in Baku, soldiers are tortured also in Yerevan

The Journalists for Human Rights NGO summarizes the violations of the rights of 17 servicemen who were captured during the battles of September 13 and returned to Yerevan from Baku on October 4.


“Journalists for Human Rights” NGO was founded in 2008, after the presidential elections, when 10 RA citizens were killed and many participants of peaceful rallies were subjected to violence as a result of the post-election developments, the violent actions of the authorities.

A group of journalists concerned about human rights created an organization that provided an opportunity to protect people’s violated rights…

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Why did the lifers stop the hunger strike

Why did the lifers stop the hunger strike

The hunger strike of life convicts in the Sevan penitentiary was stopped today. First, 3 lifers stopped the hunger strike, then everyone else. The Penitentiary Service explains that the reason is the explanatory work carried out with the hunger strikers. However, it...

It was a pity the doctor

It was a pity the doctor

The yard of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Avan-Nor Nork administrative districts of Yerevan was crowded today. The court was examining the issue of detaining Armen Charchyan, a well-known doctor, director of Izmirlian Medical Center, the 20th member on the...

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