Before signing a “peace treaty” with Aliyev, Nikol Pashinyan’s government is trying to prepare the ground for Russia to be cleared of responsibility for the events that took place in Artsakh in 2020-2023, in order to become the “guarantor” of the “intersection of peace” and the Armenian-Azerbaijani treaty.

Nikol Pashinyan personally cleans the “boots” of the Russian soldier, who even now, despite the depopulation of Artsakh, walks on Artsakh soil and protects it from Armenians. This was announced personally by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Kuzhuget-oglu Shoigu. ” Groups of Russian troops continue to be the main guarantor of maintaining peace in Syria and Karabakh,” Shoigu said at the extended meeting of the collegium of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Peace in Karabakh is peace without Armenians, as Shoigu thinks. And Nikol Pashinyan agrees with this.

“The Russian side has repeatedly stated that it considers Karabakh to be part of Azerbaijan, in particular, the President of the Russian Federation made such a statement in November and December 2020. I learned about these statements from the press. In my opinion, they contradicted the Trilateral Statement of November 9,” said Nikol Pashinyan in his last interview. “If the opposition is against recognizing Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan, it means it is against Putin,” Pashinyan hinted. “Russia, having a number of security obligations towards Armenia, could not fulfill its obligations, simply could not,” he said.

The opposition does not argue with either Pashinyan or Putin on this issue.

“There are many issues for the military-political and diplomatic leadership of Russia, but they are resolved through dialogue,” said Gegham Manukyan, deputy of the “Armenia” faction. He did not elaborate on what particular issues he has questions to Putin and whether recognition of Artsakh’s possession is part of it.

In turn, the deputies of the ruling party assure that “Yerevan will raise the level of Armenia-Russia relations in all spheres”. Armen Khachatryan, deputy of the Civil Contract faction, said this. He added that Armenia and the Russian Federation are connected by many “vessels”, as well as economic and other ties.

“Russia, having a number of security obligations towards Armenia, could not fulfill its obligations, simply could not,” he said.

In fact, CP believes that Russia wants to, but is “unable” to fulfill its obligations. And the opposition does not argue with this either.

In Baku, they say that the guarantor of the future “peace treaty” can be either Turkey or Russia.

Naira Hayrumyan

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