18-year-old Adam Grigoryan, who was drafted from the village of Lernagog in the Armavir region last summer, could not have imagined that he would take part in the war in just four months. After 20 days of heavy fighting in Jrakan (Jabrail), Adam received multiple shrapnel wounds and had to walk more than 300 meters to reach the ambulance. Fortunately, doctors managed to save his life. He is still receiving medical treatment and intends to return to the military service after recovering.

Adam Grigoryan tells that he was very satisfied with his four-month military service, everything went smoothly, he even managed to get a diploma and a medal from the Ministry of Defense as a best soldier. And, on September 27 of last year, everything changed. “On the 27th of the month, they said that the situation in the positions was tense, we had to go. We went up to the positions, we saw the situation; we had never seen such things, shootings and so on. I cannot say that I was ready to it, but I was not afraid either. There were constant shootings. There was not a moment that the shootings stopped. Explosions, drones. They were always there.”

On October 16, he was wounded in Ishkhanadzor village. He received multiple shrapnel wounds in the leg and chest, as well as his lung damaged. “My condition was very bad; they wanted to transport me by plane, but they said that drones were operating, and it was dangerous, so they decided to take me to Kapan by ambulance. I had an operation in Kapan.”

The wounded soldier tells that, in the past, he wanted very much to link his future with military service, but he does not know what traces the shrapnel wounds will leave on his health. “I have talked about military service since I was a child, I thought I would go and serve. Before the war, I thought of continuing as a soldier. I do not know how it will turn out now, but I have such thoughts.”

In response to our question about how he received the news of the end of the war, Adam said: “When I learned that the war was over, I was happy, but then I was saddened that the lands were handed over after so much struggle. We fought for 44 days to keep those lands, those positions, but then everything happened that way.”

“But one day we will be in those lands again,” Adam is confident.

Ani Gevorgyan

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