On September 1, Narek Poghosyan, who received a shrapnel wound in the Sotk positions, has seen a positive change in his health condition. Narek’s father, Karen Poghosyan, talked about it in a conversation with Forrights.am.


“Narek’s health condition is now stable, from severe to stable. He is still in an artificial coma; it is already the 5th day that he is in an artificial coma. They did it so that he wouldn’t feel the pain, the shrapnel penetrated deep inside,” said the father, noting that the shrapnel injuries were in his son’s head.


Let’s remind: Narek Poghosyan is the serviceman whom the Ministry of Defense first presented in the list of the dead, and two hours later announced that the serviceman’s heartbeat was restored after intensive resuscitation measures. How did Narek Poghosyan appear in the list of victims? His father, Karen Poghosyan, presented what happened in a conversation with Forrights.am.


“Narek was the driver of the combat [battery commanding officer]. The combat was where the battle was going on, near the shootings, and my son went with the paramedic to help the wounded. Narek ws injured, the paramedic checked his pulse, there was none, Narek lost consciousness, according to the paramedic, my child was dead. After learning that Narek was dead, he ran to the positions to help the wounded soldiers, and based on that, he was declared dead. After the help reached the car in which Narek was, the head of the rear went there, they saw that Narek was breathing. He said, ‘I am Poghosyan Narek, give me water to drink’. The commander took my son down with the volunteer staff,” said Karen Poghosyan, noting that every effort was made to bring his son from Vardenis to the central hospital and now he is in Muratsan hospital.


The father also presented details of the episode where his son was injured. Narek never remained indifferent to his friends who needed help. And, on his way to help the wounded, the enemy targeted the car he was driving.


“Narek entered the neutral zone to help his friends. He went after his friends on his own initiative. They shot when he was trying to reach them. They will give him a “Courage” medal,” said his father.


Narek Poghosyan is 22 years old, he is in compulsory service, went to the army late due to health problems. He is the eldest son of the parents.

So far, we could not get an answer from the Ministry of Defense on who will be considered responsible for spreading false information about Narek Poghosyan and what liability will they face.

Narek Kirakosyan

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