Sonya Sargsyan, a resident of Spitak city of the Lori region, alerted the Journalists for Human Rights NGO, reporting that her son was abused by an officer of the Spitak police department. His son, Boris Mkrtchyan, is now detained.

“On July 3, at 11:00 p.m., my son went to buy cigarettes from the supermarket and saw that citizens were arguing. He asked what happened, tried to settle the argument. The police come and beat my son in a dark place. He comes out of that dark place to look for his shoes, the officer who beat him, Garush Papikyan, comes forward and grabs his arm to take him to the station and curses him. At that moment, my son slaps him. They take him to the station; on the way they beat him badly. In the police department, the deputy head of the department, Asoyan, says, “If you and I were alone, I would throw you out of the window,” the mother told, stressing that her son’s condition was so bad that, during the hours of his arrest, the police had to call an ambulance several times.

“Two or three ambulances came for my son after he was arrested. My child was sick, they beat and crushed him,” said the mother, informing that Boris is 30 years old, married, and has two minor children.

In response to’s written request, the Investigative Committee of the RA reported that Boris Mkhtryan was charged with two counts: for committing hooliganism and interfering with the legal official’s official activities, using violence against him.

Another criminal case is initiated based on Boris Mkrtchyan’s report. The IC reported that Boris Mkrtchyan informed during his interrogation that Garush Papikyan, an officer at the Spitak police station, hit and caused physical injuries to different parts of his body.

In the written response sent to us by the IC, it was mentioned that a criminal proceeding has been initiated for abuse of an official or official powers or the influence caused by them or crossing the powers, which was done by using violence or threatening to use violence.

At the same time, the Investigative Committee did not say whether the powers of the Spitak police officer were terminated or what his status is.

Narek Kirakosyan

Narek Kirakosyan

Narek Kirakosyan is a journalist, works on the principle of "a person is an absolute value".

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