What must the police have heard to enter the Polygraph club with the methods of anti-terror operation? At the very least, you woul have caught jihadists to act like that to show who is the master and ruler in this country.

Vahe Ghazaryan will have to resign just for this operation, because the situation has not changed for him since 2018. I do not know who the polygraphists are, but I haven’t yet heard an official explanation from the police that they were planning to blow up the Metsamor nuclear power plant or wanted to poison all sources of drinking water entering Yerevan, and that they have caught them with the poison right in their hands.

The behavior of the police at the Polygraph club should not only be investigated. It is an impetus for a new revolution in this country. If Pashinyan does not want to be subjected to the shameful rejection like Serzh Sargsyan was, he will have to remove Vahe Ghazaryan by depriving him of all titles and keeping him miles away from the system. Otherwise, he shares the responsibility for that shame. Because it turns out that the police surpasses the recklessness of Robert Kocharyan’s time. And I don’t want to live in such a country. Or rather, I don’t want Vahe Ghazaryan and I to share the same country. And if Pashinyan does not condemn what happened, I also do not want Pashinyan and I to share this country. The revolutionary government already allows itself too much.

Someone should explain to them that they have completely misunderstood the idea of legitimacy: it is not spitting [on people’s faces], it is not attacking and exposing people, it is not arresting and beating the whistleblower. Who will trust them with any crime tomorrow? Why do you think people were silent about crimes for years? Because they knew the “native” police well. It is a disaster when you bring a government to power with your own hands, whose police force is more similar to the Azerbaijani special service than even to the structure headed by Vladimir Gasparyan [former chief of the military police]. Will someone have to answer for this?

The RA Investigative Committee allegedly clarified that “illegal sale of narcotics was carried out in the Polygraph club.” Isn’t this a familiar handwriting? After the “deed” is done, you can say whatever you wish. The man alerts you three times that he has a guest from Lithuania and the people at the Polygraph are behaving inappropriately, you come without any explanation, take him to the police and beat him. Will that person say anything to you ever again? What made Vladimir Gasparyan worse than Vahe Ghazaryan? He too would catch people and say that he had found narcotics on him. Even if you found it, why are you humiliating people in the police station with qualifications that have nothing to do with the charge? Why did you do a revolution then? To be more defective? Or, is the difference between you and Gasparyan only that you do not do the same things in the name of God?

Mher Arshakyan

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