The family of private Hayk Petrosyan, who died in the positions on February 19, does not believe in the theory of suicide. Hayk’s mother and sister describe him as a balanced, strong-willed person with a character who could not take such a step. The mother does not rule out the possibility that the boy was forced to take such a step.

“Our child would never do such a thing to himself. He loved us, he would not hurt us like this. He was forced to, or has seen something he shouldn’t have seen… in relation to the captain, the captain’s assistant,” said his mother, Maria Khachaturyan.

Hayk’s sister, Irina, emphasizes: “Hayk was an extremely balanced person. He never accepted suicide, and a person who has a radical attitude towards it cannot take such a step. I don’t know a person who could commit suicide, you have to put a person in a special state of mind, and I can’t imagine what they had to do for it.”

In connection of Hayk Petrosyan’s death, fellow soldiers were imprisoned: the assistant commander of the position, a private soldier; the officer in charge of the position, a contract serviceman. Investigative Committee  reports that they were arrested on the basis of immediate suspicion of causing a serviceman to commit suicide by carelessness, using violence against a subordinate or threatening to use it, insulting a serviceman.

The relatives have no information about what problems Hayk might have had with these two servicemen, however, the Petrosyans are raising the alarm about other vicious phenomena that happened in that military unit. In particular, Hayk told them that some servicemen are not indifferent to online casinos.

There are also reports that four servicemen interrogated in this case mentioned about the violence and mockery done to them. In particular, when the soldier took up positions for the first time, he was forced to perform ceremonies not provided for by the charter, such as the inauguration, which were videotaped. It is noteworthy that the phone of one of the imprisoned servicemen was “lost” after the incident with Hayk.

Before the accident, Hayk talked on the phone with his parents, sister and friends. The mother said that she was in a bad mood, but until February 18, her mood was good.

Before the accident, Hayk talked on the phone with his parents, sister and friends. The mother said that she was in a bad mood, but until February 18, her mood was good.

“He was in a bad mood; he spoke a little constrained. I asked my husband to call, he felt that he was not in the mood. He himself told us that everything was normal, the important thing is that the situation is peaceful,” said the mother.

The family has no information about Hayk’s mood declines, Hayk should have called and told Irina, but due to the developments, he didn’t. “I said, if there is something, the time has come for you to tell someone; so tell me. He said that he would tell me. I had to go to work in half an hour and we agreed to talk at that time. In other words, he intended to call and tell someone. I told him that I felt from his voice that there was some problem, something was bothering him,” said his sister.

February 19 was Hayk’s third day at the post. Parents draw attention to one remarkable circumstance. Hayk was wearing “a helmet and an armor vest. The family says that, if he intended to harm himself, why was he protective gear?

“Haik is not a showman, and the way he died looks like a show to me. They say that he was wearing an armor vest and a helmet, he was standing… these are actor’s positions that are not like him. He was too kind, naive, friendly person, I can’t imagine what he had to do to someone to get him to… mocked and so on. The one who was capable of harming Hayk in such a way has no right to be called a human being. I am almost sure that they instigated him, I know Hayk too well,” said Irina.

His mother and sister rule out that Hayk could have harmed himself by not wanting to serve, because, according to them, he loved service, especially in positions.

Parents say that Hayk was very glad, he “loved the service very much” and was dutiful.

“Haik was very happy that he had to go to serve in the army. He was on vacation for several days and he didn’t even want to take off his military clothes. He used to say, may I stay like this [in military uniform]; he loved the service so much,” said his mother.

Petrosyans are now demanding a fair investigation, identification and punishment of the real culprits. “They create an impression that my brother committed suicide, that’s how the investigation will go,” said the sister. Irina mentions that her brother liked to read and always asked her to send books.

Hayk Petrosyan was 18 years old. Eight months had passed since his military service; he moved from Vanadzor to Ijevan two months ago.

Narek Kirakosyan

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