The servicemen who returned from captivity remained alone with their problems against the state. The Ministry of Defense headed by Suren Papikyan is taking them to the army, not taking into account a number of psychological problems that the servicemen acquired in Baku as a result of inhumane violence. was alerted by the mother of one of the servicemen transferred to the service shortly after returning from captivity. She raises the alarm: her son did not receive rehabilitation treatment, he stayed at home for 20 days and the military department transferred him to a military unit.

“We are left alone with our problems. I don’t know what will happen to my son, we are fighting for them to be compassionate, not to send them to serve, but in the ministry, the one who receives letters says that they can’t do anything, to go and tell our deputies to adopt a new law. It does not matter what we say to the deputy; we write, we call, they don’t answer… So, how should this issue resolve?” said the soldier’s mother, asking not to identify her and her son in any way, because the military police is trying to find out who is complaining from the indifferent attitude of state institutions. WE will address this topic in detail in the coming days.

After returning from captivity, the son did not tell his parents anything about the harsh days he spent in Baku. It should be noted that receives alerts from the parents of servicemen about the inhumane conditions in which their sons were kept in captivity, and the Ministry of Defense, ignoring all of that, sends them back to the service. The parents reported that their sons were beaten by groups in Baku.

“Being aware of our situation and what we went through, he didn’t tell us anything; we learned from the sidelines what happened from other parents. This is not the situation in which they can be taken back to the army. They asked him, ‘Do you have a desire to serve’? He answered, ‘After seeing so much, who would want to serve’? They asked and left. Just empty questions,” said the mother.

According to the mother, her son does not speak, but his problems are visible. “It happens that he flares up, he became nervous, he was not consulted by a neurologist, he went to a psychologist, they said that there is a need to work [on him], but he did not go. Can you imagine how this service will affect my son? Every day is disturbing for me. He doesn’t pick up the phone, I’m worried,” said the mother, noting that, as a result of these problems, her son may end up in interpersonal conflicts with other soldiers. “He said that they might say him something, he would get nervous and it wouldn’t be good. He has become a different person, he has changed a lot now, he has become nervous.”

During the rule of Pashinyan, who declared that the citizens are the highest value, soldiers who were captured while defending the motherland and their parents face indifference everywhere. No state institution listens to them and or provide a solution to the problem. “No one called, no one was interested. There was no news from the children for 20 days and no one called, no one cared, none of their officers called, none cared whether he was found or not… Doesn’t the condition of your soldier interest you at all?”

After their sons’ return, the parents of the soldiers who were captured as a result of the battles that started after midnight of September 13, sent a letter to the Defense Minister Suren Papikyan, asking not to take their sons to the army or to take them after their final recovery. The Minister of Defense did not even accept the parents. The Ministry said that the parents of the 17 soldiers who returned from captivity or more than half should apply.

The parents report that Suren Papikyan not only does not meet with them, but also did not see the soldiers who returned from captivity.

Narek Kirakosyan

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