The family members of Nshan Petrosyan, who died on September 13 due to the Azerbaijani military aggression in Armenia, raise the alarm about the inaction of the responsible officials. In particular, in a conversation with, they point out the irresponsibility of the command of the military unit. On the position, for which the 19-year-old conscript Nshan sacrificed his life, were only 9 people, only conscripts and contract soldiers.

“They fought and fought very well, but they were in that position with 9 people, they fought with 9 people, the military unit confirmed this information. Six were conscript soldiers, three were contract soldiers. They were subjected to heavy shelling. One of the boys, Gasparyan Armen, from Kapan, told his parents that they were under siege. He said goodbye to his father, he said, “Ok, dad; they entered the trench,” Nshan’s sister, Anna Petrosyan, told us.

The connection between the military unit and the servicemen was lost 1.5 hours after the start of the combat operations. Representatives of the military unit also conveyed this to Anna Petrosyan, leaving the sister’s main questions unanswered. Why were the soldiers who were under siege left alone, why were they not helped, why were they left with automatic weapons fighting against UAVs? Petrosyans want to get answers to these questions from the Ministry of Defense.

During phone conversations with his family, Nshan expressed such thoughts, from which it was assumed that the soldiers were left alone and they might not have help when needed.

Nshan performed his combat duty with health problems and performed heavy engineering work.

Nshan Petrosyan spent 1.5 years of service. He was drafted to Vanadzor military unit, then transferred to Jermuk. “They were only supposed to perform engineering work, but they were also on duty,” said Anna Petrosyan and emphasized that her brother left for the service with health problems, and his health condition in the army got worse.

It was diagnosed that some muscles of Nshan’s spine were not developed. The construction works were carried out exclusively by hand. They assured that the equipment would be provided, but none of the equipment was given to them.”

After the battles of Ishkhanasar, despite his health problems, Nshan refused to leave his positions early. The commander said that he deserves a medal for his service to the country, but they did not give it to him.

Nshan, seeing the attitude towards the soldier in general in the army, how the soldier’s life was not valued, the soldier was not considered valuable, how the soldier was treated, experienced great disappointment.

During the entire conversation about Nshan, only the sister answered our questions. The parents were not able to talk about the irreversible loss. Only the mother repeated from time to time. “They took my baby and killed him…”

No one from the Ministry of Defense visited the Petrosyans and did not offer their condolences on Nshan’s death.

Narek Kirakosyan

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