Private soldier Arthur B., who returned from captivity in Baku on February 7, was discharged early due to health problems: the soldier’s mother, Voski B., said this in a conversation with There are 10 months left until the end of Arthur’s service.

Let’s remind that Arthur B. was captured on November 16, 2021 during the battles that took place in Syunik and Vayots Dzor of Armenia, bordering Azerbaijan. After about four months of captivity, the Defense Department of Armenia immediately sent Arthur to mandatory military service. Despite the fact that the parents warned about serious mental and physical health problems of their son, Arthur still served in the army for about half a year.

During this period, the human rights organization “Journalists for Human Rights” made many publications about Arthur’s problems, alerted the Ministry of Defense and the Human Rights Defender. After our consistent raising of the problem, the Ministry of Defense decided to transfer Artur to a military hospital for treatment.

“He was hospitalized for three weeks, after which he was given leave for 15 days and came home. When he was discharged from the hospital, the psychologist said that he was not fit for duty. After coming home, he was hospitalized for another 10 days, after which he was given leave for another month, and after that he was given the final demobilization paper,” said his mother, Voski B.

The mother says that her son has serious health problems. “Now, it’s not like he’s fully cured, because the drugs that are supposed to calm him down don’t affect him in any way. They tried it in the hospital and saw that it didn’t work. It’s been four days since we came home, he just started sleeping, before these two or three days he didn’t sleep for days. At home, when small children are crying, he asks: “Who did they beat? Are they beating somebody again?”, but he speaks with his eyes closed.

Arthur B. needs psychological therapies. According to Yoski B., the Armenian Red Cross Society paid for the services of a psychologist; however, the family does not have the financial means to get to Yerevan from Armavir region. “I don’t know what to do now. there are a lot of children at home, we are very worried about finances, and Arthur says it’s okay, I’ll go to a psychologist later,” said the mother, noting that she has eight children, one of whom is married, three are school-aged, two are toddlers, and there is Arthur.

The family also has a housing problem. The parents live in a one-room apartment with seven children.

Those who want to help the family financially can contact the editorial office.

Narek Kirakosyan

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