During the 44-day war, Karo Antonyan destroyed more than a dozen enemy tanks, saving the lives of his fellow soldiers. The first tank was hit in the first days of the war, on September 29. After destroying several tanks, he was awarded the “Combat Cross of 1st degree” medal of the Republic of Artsakh.

“We were calm when the tanks were coming, because Karo was already behind us and ready. First, he hit the first tank, then — the last one. He was calculating because after hitting the first and the last ones, the others could not move,” says Vahe, Karo’s combat friend.

The medal earned on the battlefield was transferred to Karo in Yerablur [military cemetery] posthumously. On July 9, Caro turned 22 years old. On his birthday, Caro won another medal. Karon, who destroyed 13 enemy tanks, was awarded the 1st degree medal for his services to the Motherland by the decree of the President of Armenia. On that day, Karo’s lieutenant rank, which he was awarded in the first days of the war, was also transferred to his parents.

“Karo was a private; after the death of the platoon commander, he performed the duties of the commander. He hit many tanks of the enemy, he was awarded the rank of lieutenant,” the representative of the Ministry of Defense announced at the Erablur military pantheon.

Karo served in Jrakan, participated in combat operations in the same place. He was the commander of the anti-tank squad. He was operated on 10 days before the war, and three days before the war he decided and went up to the positions again. He could not talk to his family members for two days after the hostilities began. On September 29, a fellow soldier informed his mother about Karo’s exploits.

“Vardan called and said: you know that we are calling today because of your son. Do you know what a legend we have with us, do you know what Karo did? He saved us at the cost of his life,” recalls Karo’s mother, Gohar Antonyan.

On October 12, Karo called his mother and asked her to go to church. As his friends later told, Karo managed to escape from the enemy’s sniper fire that day. The next day, however, he was killed by a drone missile.

“On the morning of October 13, he called and asked, “Mom, did you do what I asked?” I said: we went to the church, we fulfilled your request. He said, mom, that’s it, I won’t call you again. I said, call me on the day of victory… A few hours after the call, Karo was killed,” said his mother.

Karo’s military service was to end on January 17, 2021. He was handed over to the family on October 17.

Narek Kirakosyan

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