Colonel Isahak Gharibyan was killed on October 13, 2020 in Karvachar. At the time of the drone strike, he was helping to lower his wounded friends from a height.

The mother says that Isahac never has hurt anyone, so she had no idea how his son used a weapon during the war and took part in hot battles.

“He did not tell me anything. He was not that kind of a child. But he was on the front line and used that big weapon, and he did a lot of damage to the enemy… He kept passing through the fire, helping those serving with him… His patriotism was a highest kind: he was born a hero. He was the son of the light. He was a gift from heaven to me. He said, ‘I have shot nine out of ten’. I said,, ‘Honey, what about you’? He said, ‘How can I not do that? They are children, they could not shoot.’ During the war, his commander came to our house. He was telling that fires were falling from the sky, we are going up the height, I shout that they should go up fast. It is amazing how he was raising his heavy weapon and climbing so fast. He was a different child; he would do anything humbly, with no reservation or hesitation,” said the soldier’s mother, Mrs. Varsenik.

The mother says that when she last spoke to her son, Isahac was very worried and wanted to talk to all the members of the family. He also called his father, who was in Russia at the time. He did not say anything disappointing to his relatives; he just wanted to hear the voices of all.

 “Together with the commander, they brought their wounded friends down the hill, they put him in the ambulance, he went up again, then the drone hit. It was that commander who came to told us everything; we did not know anything during the entire war. The commander was informed that another incident had taken place at the position, the commander said, ‘Please do not say that it is Iso. They said yes, it was him,” said the mother.

Mrs. Varsenik says that her son was in love, had a girlfriend whome she liked a lot.

“A mother wants something more, not just to talk to her son every day. I just do not accept that I will never see him again in this life.

He will be twenty years old forever, I will be fifty. “Neither he nor I will grow up anymore”.

Ani Gevorgyan

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