Hrayr Yeganyan, a 30-year-old volunteer, died in Jrakan from a shrapnel wound to the back from an drone explosion. He got married on August 9, the wife was expecting their first child.

Hrair was working at a bank, received an offer to temporarily hold the position of deputy manager of the bank, and then the position of manager, but refused.

The mother, Mrs. Shushan, says that, from the moment the war started, her son was very worried and decided to volunteer. When his mother said he might wait until a notice was sent, Hrair said that 18-years-old boys were dying; he had no right to wait any longer. “There were three buses of volunteers, and all three were set off with applauses. At that moment, something seemed to be torn from me: I cried, someone next to me said, do not cry, applaud,” recalls Mrs. Shushan.

Hrayr first was moved to Ararat region to guard the border with Nakhichevan. According to the mother, her son was upset that he was far from the actual hostilities. And, on October 15, Hrayr moved from Yeraskh to Artsakh with forty other people as a detachment commander.

“For a year now, no one has approached us, no one told us under what circumstances my son died. But, anyway, he behaved like a lionheart, a hero. Until the last moment he devotedly tried to do something, to do the impossible… They came under artillery fire… Chaotic situation, and no one was familiar with the place… He received a shrapnel wound in the back. When he was injured, no help arrived. My son bled to death. I do not know anything, absolutely nothing. I lost a son, but I still do not know the circumstances,” said the volunteer’s mother.

After the death of her son, Mrs. Shushan was given the cross on Hrayr’s neck at the time of his death, soaked in blood. The mother now keeps it as a token and a relic for her son.

“Recently, a man wrote a note. Manvel Tovmasyan. I do not know him, but I was very upset and cried. He wrote: “I have known your son for a month. You have a divine son. We talked; I learned that in a few months a child would be born, he had just gotten married. I said, boy, you have a wife, you just got married, where are you going? Hrair was indignant and said, ‘Where are you going, you have four children?’ I kept silent and realized that we were here for a purpose.”

Ani Gevorgyan

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