Sargis Grigoryan, a conscript, a resident of Myasnikyan village, Armavir region, a participant in the 44-day war, died in the evening of July 26 at the Mataghis military unit.

The investigators described the case as suicide and initiated a criminal case under the article “Inciting a serviceman to commit suicide by negligence” (Article 360.1, Part 2, Clause 3 of the Criminal Code) .

Five days later, on July 31, a second body was found in a forest hut near the same military unit with a wound to the right wrist, with fatal wounds in the chest and abdomen. The victim was Pargev Margaryan, a conscript of the Mataghis military unit.

This death was also considered a suicide by the Investigative Committee.

According to the Investigation Committee, Margaryan voluntarily left the military unit on July 29 and blew himself up with a grenade.

Pargev Margaryan’s and Sargis Grigoryan’s mothers do not believe in the version of suicide. Both boys took part in the 44-day war, passed through heroic days and, according to relatives, they could not commit suicide.

They find it suspicious that two servicemen in the same military unit decided to die almost at the same time.

“I have no doubt that these cases are related,” said Pargev’s mother, Varduhi Margaryan.

On July 29, learning that his son had voluntarily left the military unit and disappeared, she left for Artsakh to search for her son.

“The search was not very active, it seemed to me that they were fake,” says Varduhi. She told that her son left the military unit on July 29 at around 3 o’clock, but his death was reported only three days later.

“On June 29, the day of his death, at 7.30 in the morning, Pargev wrote a letter: ‘Dear mother, good morning.’ He went to the Sarsang reservoir that day to do engineering work,” says Varduhi.” He left the military unit. There was nothing in his hand, no grenade or anything. It was about three o’clock. He got out and went in an unknown direction. “

It should be reminded that Sargis Grigoryan’s mother was told by her dead son’s friends that he had an argument with one of the officers. Did Sarkis and Pargev know each other? What was their relationship?

Varduhi Margaryan does not know the exact answer to these questions, but she is sure that her son was killed. “They may not know each other. But what kind of omission is that? How can you not see the mental state of a soldier, so something has happened, right, even if a suicide really has taken place?” asked a few questions to Sargis Grigoryan’s and Pargev Margaryan’s commander Arthur Darbinyan.

– Why did Sargis Grigoryan commit suicide? He passed through the entire war and, now, he supposedly committed suicide?

– He committed suicide. There is no “supposedly”.

– Are you sure?

– An investigation is underway, I am sure of the investigation conducted by the investigator: it is a suicide, yes.

– In other words, he passed through the war and did he not commit suicide, then he killed himself in peaceful situation?

– He came and shot himself in peaceful situation due to his family problems.

– And, a couple of days later, the other boy blew himself up with a grenade? Do things happen like this?

– Yes, he did the same, again, in the same way, for family issues, close family reasons.

– But do you consider it possible, two people kill themselves in two days, independently of each other: it is very unbelievable.

– They had no shortcomings or reasons in their service.

– Did they have a conflict or dipute with anyone?

– If this question is new to you, we have tried to find the answer to that question from the very first second. And we found the answer. Both are due to family issues, due to very close family morals. You do not know, you look from the side, but in fact we have found out what the question is, but they are not questions to declare about.

Pargev Margaryan’s mother has a different version. She says that her son was honest, just, and he may have heard or seen something he should not have seen. “I do not believe that patriotic people who have gone through such a war would commit suicide. I always wrote to him that I loved him as much as the world. He had plans, he said he would return and do science: he told that to the soldiers. I am convinced that my son was killed.”

Syuzan Simonyan

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