“I reported to the Prosecutor General’s Office about the crime of falsifications committed by the investigator, after which it became possible to charge and convict me, but the Prosecutor General’s Office replied in writing that it did not contain any criminal features,” said Armavir penitentiary’s 34-year-old detainee Sergey Abrahamyan.

Sergey Abrahamyan was accused of beating and intentionally causing serious damage to health with hooligan motives. The incident took place in 2017. He was sentenced to 7 years.

According to the convict, the investigator concealed a number of facts, which had an impact on the verdict.

“Witnesses testified about the incident, and the investigator made a decision that they committed false betrayal, but did not realize it. The investigator covered up my car theft. As the victim testified in court, they were “fully” drunk, the investigator pretended not to notice that during the interrogation. He simply could not not notice, but since he fabricated the case, he did not record it. I had a blow to the head, which was registered by the forensic doctor, but the investigator did not give preference to it.”

Since 2018, after the verdict came into force, 5 reports about falsification of evidence swere ubmitted to the Prosecutor General’s office:

“They rejected me in writing. I applied to the court, but, again, there were instructions from the prosecutor’s office, after which the court rejects my application. I appealed; my complaint was partially satisfied and it was sent back to the First Instance Court. People from the prosecutor’s office immediately visited me to warn me about the false testimony, which, in their opinion, did not contain an example of a crime. They tried to threaten me, to scare me so that I would stop fighting. As soon as I took the pen to sign, they said, look here, you have to prove, if you do not prove, you will be convicted for false betrayal. They tried to influence my mental state, but they did not succeed.”

Sergey appealed to RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan regarding the threat, hoping that the latter would at least demand an explanation from the Prosecutor General, but “in vain.” The Prime Minister superscribed my application to the structure that threatened me.”

In the mean time, with appealing to the court, he also appealed to the former director of the National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan, on whose instruction they visited him, took his case from the court of appeals, studied it and came to the conclusion that all the falsifications exist. “They expressed such a position, but at the same time Mr. Vanetsyan called my public lawyer and said that they had no right to conduct an investigation.”

“The prosecutor objects to my early releasae. If I am released early, the prosecutor’s office is sure that I can reach a height in this case in just two months. There has never been a precedent for a convict to serve his sentence, then get released and complaint, but I want this case to be revealed. I will take both my children and my wife (pregnant), I will go near the prosecutor’s office building to protest. I will show that I am not tired. I have taken this detention so hard that I think I can fight even after my release.”

Ani Torosyan

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