The mother of Arman Ohanjanyan, who died in the 44-Day War, visited the village Kirants of Armenia. She expresses her support to the political fight started by the residents for the village [that is hunded over to Azeerbaijan by the RA government] and considers it a continuation of her son’s struggle. Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, Primate of the Diocese of Tavush, greets the mothers of the boys who died in the war.

“The parents of our martyred heroes are here, whom we call mothers of the Motherland and fathers of the Motherland. I want all of us to call them that way. When we see them, our body should shiver, we should know who we are standing in front of, who paid for us with their lives. They paid for us not to live on our knees and crawl, but they paid for our views to be clear, our honors to be high, our country to be victorious. We still have something to say to our sons. We have to return to our boys their homeland and their dream,” declared the bishop.

Arman’s mother, Yelizaveta Ohanjanyan, says in a conversation with that she cannot leave her son’s struggle unfinished, she is against handing over to the enemy the land that her son has saved with his blood.

“Arman turned 23 years old on September 10, 2020 and on September 30, secretly from us, he went to war. We were not against it, but we wanted him to go when they called him. But they didn’t call him: he left his car at the gas station and went,” said the mother.

Arman took part in military operations in Jrakan, and then moved to these combat positions [in Kirants, Armenia].

“Several people fell into a harsh place. They were in Jebrayil, a few of them survived, but he did not come home: from there, he went to Kubatlu, where he was injured and was taken to the hospital. On the 7th of the month, he came home for a few hours. On November 1, he wrote me a farewell letter [phone message]. “Mom, whatever happens to me, remember: you will walk with your head high. They disjected the positions, they are coming at us: if I stay alive, I will call.” I answered, “You have to stay alive, otherwise I won’t forgive you,” said the mother.

“He came on October 17 and left on October 18. He came to see his son. His wife said: ‘Arm, where are you going? Stay.’ Hhe answered: ‘I am going so that my son does not have to go.’ On October 20, he called his father and said that he was injured and alone in the field. I asked him where he was injured, he answered: my neck, shoulder and ribs. He spoke so calmly… he wanted to say goodbye to us.”

After the war, the mother was given her son’s phone, where Arman left video messages.

“Now I live with those video messages where he says: ‘All will be fine, will definitely be fine.’ Now I live with it and I believe that God will not leave us. My son was strong, he had will power. On the battlefield, when he saw that the Turks were coming, he said: ‘A column of people is coming: there is a beginning, there is no end to them.’ He was taking pictures and waiting for them to approach and neutralize him.”

Narek Kirakosyan

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