Yerevan seems to have a bad effect on the health of the Republic of Armenia. The safe life here does not allow us to perceive with all the pain, say, the occupation of the privatized arable lands of the residents of Tegh village by the Azerbaijani army.

No one can send Suren Papikyan to Tegh village even under the threat of an atomic bomb, because the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia already sees that this village that exists today, will not exist tomorrow. Serzh Sargsyan does not pronounce a word about the situation in his birthplace. While it’s not like he is totally blameless in this regard.

What is happening with Armenia?

Armenia has lost all political and public resistance. Conscript soldier Palyan Poghosyan died half a year ago at the place of his military service and, to date, the Ministry of Defense cannot say how it happened, who is to blame for the death of an Armenian soldier worth his weight in gold. Instead, Armenia says: let’s not anger the Azerbaijanis, let’s not say that Karabakh should be independent, etc. But these people appear on our lands without getting angry, without even giving us an account of why they entered Tegh village.

They take Armenia like pieces of cake without greed, patiently, without even saying toasts. Judging by their media, there are not even signs of glee. Azerbaijan has found the Armenia of its dreams. It is a scared Armenia. It is an Armenia that, out of fear, even runs away from its internal problems, it is an Armenia that is slowly resembling the former authorities, which Azerbaijan could not defeat on the battlefield.

One may think that Armenia is now behaving in the same way as Azerbaijan once did, patiently waiting for a better day. There is a certain hint of light here, because Azerbaijan had enough patience without ceasing to be a dictatorship. But that dictatorship fed the whole world with oil. How will we deliver our democracy? There is an answer to this too.

We don’t want any more war; defeat has destroyed our resilience for probably several generations. We want peace. But peace is not by wanting: it is by forcing, and today Azerbaijan can force that peace. Which it does. Tomorrow it may enter Khndzoresk, the next day — Kornidzor. Because essentially what he’s doing is enforcing peace. He doesn’t want peace. Therefore, what should our government think about, is not wanting peace, but imposing peace. It can be done without any war too.

Mher Arshakyan

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