Armen Gasparyan was a participant in the combat operations of September 13. He was killed while defending Jermuk. After long battles against the enemy, Armen, realizing that he was under siege, called his parents at the last moment and said goodbye.

“My son called me at the last moment, when he had no choice. ‘Papa, he said, that’s it, I’m under siege, take good care of you.’ I shouted: don’t turn off the phone, I’m coming right away, but he had already turned it off,” said his father, Arkady Gasparyan.

Armen’s father immediately left for Jermuk after this call. However, he could not find any information about his son. The parents say that the command staff was unaware of their son.

Armen was from the city of Kapan. 1 year and 2 months had passed since his military service. The parents have no information about the circumstances under which their son fought in the war and how he died. Armen Gasparyan was killed in the same position where Nshan Petrosyan was also killed. Nshan’s sister, Anna Petrosyan, told last week that there was no help for her brother and other soldiers when they were surrounded, and the command informed the son’s family that they “couldn’t”.

Armen’s father was also given a similar answer in Jermuk. The commander conveyed to Arkady Gasparyan that “there was a tense situation, we were not able to get into position”. In fact, the representatives of the Armed Forces consider it sufficient to inform the families of the victims about their inability and that’s it. In this case, the question arises, why they were not by the side of the soldiers in that desperate situation, why they left the 19-20-year-old boys alone with the enemy UAV’s.

Armen’s body was handed over to the Armenian side by the enemy on September 20. It was confirmed by DNA earlier this month. The grief of the loss of their only son does not allow the parents to inquire more thoroughly as to whose inaction resulted their son’s death.

Armen’s family now lives with memories. In order to make his only son’s battle memorable, his father decided to open a memorial park in the courtyard of the building.

Narek Kirakosyan

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