Marine Ghahramanyan, the mother of Arayik Ghahramanyan, who died in the Artsakh war, turned to the police twenty days ago, reporting that she was a victim of fraud. One Sedrak Sahakyan, who is engaged in construction in different settlements, took money from her family, did not fulfill his obligations confirmed by a notary and disappeared.

“We are from Stepanakert. My son is in Yerablur [military cemetery]. With the money received from the state, we decided to buy a small place near Yerablur so that we don’t have to live on rent every time we come to Yerevan. We found that person, we gave 12 million drams [about $25,000], with which he had to register a plot of land in my name, and then do a small construction. The works were constantly delayed, and at some point, that person was lost and disappeared,” says the mother of the fallen soldier.

The Ghahramanyans applied to the Mashtots police department on the occasion of the incident, presented the incident in detail, after which they were informed that “the case has been sent for investigation.” It is not known at what stage the case is now, whether there is already a criminal case initiated and if so, under what article, the law enforcement officers have not yet informed the parents of the fallen soldier, nor have they sent any summons.

According to Marine Ghahramanyan, at least 11 more families were victims of the mentioned person, one of them appealed to the court. The woman says that they even visited Sahakyan’s family, trying to get any information about him. The latter, however, not only did not report anything, but also insulted one of the injured citizens.

The mother of the fallen soldier says that she doesn’t know if she will be able to bringb ack her money or not, but what happened is very insulting. “That person knew that I was giving him my son’s blood money. He knew and understood very well why we need that new space. Now I really want the law enforcement bodies to find him, but I want it more not because I want him to return the money, but because I want him to stand in front of me and look me in the eye.”

Ani Gevorgyan

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