Gevorg and Karen argued about going to war and protecting Shushi when the commander said that only one of the brothers should go to the front line. The brothers did not want to leave each other alone in the fight against the enemy. They left for Shushi on November 3, when the Azerbaijani army was already reaching the city.

“The commander said: only one of the brothers shall go and the other shall stay. Two brothers argued in the military unit about which one should go. Karen shouted in a loud voice: ‘You have a family, you have to stay, I will go’… But they decided that they should be side by side; they went and fought side by side, and died side by side,” said their mother, Arevik Mikayelyan.

Gevorg and Karen served in the internal police forces. From September 28, they participated in combat operations in Karvachar. On October 29, they returned home with their comrades, spent a few days with their family and left for Artsakh again.

On November 4, the parents were informed that their two sons were in Shushi, the hottest point of the war. “We already knew that the hardest fight was in Shushi.”

The mother said that on November 5-6, Gevorg and Karen were already surrounded. Contact with them was lost on November 8.

Two years after losing her two sons in the 44-day war, Mrs. Arevik found strength in herself and gave birth to a son. Aren, the new light of the Gevorgyan family and the hope to continue life, is three months old.

“We didn’t have any children. By God’s will, this miracle was given to us so that we could live. Nothing has changed: pain remains pain, crying is there, longing and pain do not let you live, but in this cruelty and darkness Aren is a small light that gives us hope to live.”

Narek Kirakosyan

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