Aram Khachikyan, sentenced to life, has been fighting against his sentence since 2019. He declared a hunger strike, demanded meetings with various officials, his relatives went to the Ministry of Justice.

He considers that his sentence – life imprisonment – is subject to review.

Aram Khachikyan was imprisoned in 2006 for a particularly brutal murder.

Out of jealousy, he chased his wife, who was avoiding him. After learning about his wife’s infidelity, he went to her house, but the woman’s grandmother opened the door, whom Aram Khachikyan killed with 40 stabs, and also robbed her house.

Khachikyan admitted his guilt during these years. He even told his relatives that there is not a day that he does not think about his actions. However, he finds that his sentence is subject to review, as the criminal code has been changed twice since 2006, and the prison term for murder has been changed twice, but his sentence has not been reviewed.

During the years spent in prison, Aram Khachikyan studied the criminal code in detail and came to the conclusion that all cases of lifers should be reviewed.

After the entry into force of the new criminal code, the process of adapting the actions of the convicts to the new code began. The convicts are taken to the court. Aram Khachikyan, who was sentenced to life, was also taken to the court a few days ago, there was a hearing in his case. Judge John Hayrapetyan left the verdict unchanged.

Why, on what grounds? The lawyer answered the question of “I haven’t received a decision yet. The reasons of the court are unknown to me”.

An interesting incident has happened in the court. The lawyer says that when he presented his arguments in court regarding the retroactive effect of the favorable law, the judge asked him why he was saying all that, when they were just doing mechanical work.

Syuzan Simonyan

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