About four dozen non-governmental organizations demand the resignation of police chief Vahe Ghazaryan. The representatives of the civil society condemn the actions of the police yesterday in Yerablur. To remind, the red and black berets dragged and detained the parents who lost their sons in the 44-day war yesterday before the visit of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and other government officials to the Yerablur military cemetery. Some of them were physically injured while being detained.

According to Levon Barseghyan, who joined the criticism of the actions of the police and the demand for the resignation of police chief Vahe Ghazaryan, the police has always been distinguished by its “beast-like behaviour”. “There are so many examples that they don’t fit on Google. Perhaps they thought that working with an ax, putting the brain aside, is a much more convenient mechanism.”

The parents of the victims had gathered in “Yerablur” since midnight to prevent Nikol Pashinyan from approaching the graves of their sons. According to Levon Barseghyan, the police should have been able to not limit the voice of the parents’ protest and ensure the security of the country’s leaders.

“Detaining everyone in such a violent and savage manner is unacceptable and a crime. Citizens have the right to free movement, and the authorities, if they want to ensure someone’s safety, there are reasonable means for that. What should they have do? Starting from the previous evening, they should barricade the area, put shutters, put guards, etc., to ensure security, but on the condition that the rights of citizens should not be limited. In other words, a person can cry out, complain, that complaint must be accessible to the government, the ears would not be hurt, the government is obliged to listen to those through whom it became the government. And who can say that the citizens should not be there, where should the relatives of the dead be on that day?” said Levon Barseghyan.

It us note that after the noisy incident in “Yerablur”, neither Nikol Pashinyan, who had declared the people the highest body of the government, nor other ruling party members expressed any disgust and regret, did not condemn the actions of the police. It seems that they give silent consent to the violence against mothers in black. It sould be reminded here that even in the days when the opposition demanded the resignation of Nikol Pashinyan, the government representatives were thanking the police for maintaining public order, while dozens of citizens were subjected to violence.

Now the question is whether Nikol Pashinyan will give a political assessment to the actions of the policemen who subjected the people to violence and will dismiss his friend police chief Vahe Ghazaryan.

“A lot depends on how the prime minister will behave. If sanctions are applied, from top to bottom, we will find out who are the culprits, he may not resign, even if there is a reprimand, we will understand that the statement has reached its goal and will be applied again next time, if something similar happens. If no one will bear responsibility, then the prime minister will be held responsible, as the superior of the police chief,” said Levon Barseghyan.

Narek Kirakosyan

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