The Investigative Committee of Armenia has initiated a new criminal case regarding the disappearance of contract soldier Vahe Manukyan. IC received information that the contract soldier was killed by an unknown person. learns about this from the materials of Vahe Manukyan’s criminal case, which states: “On November 12, 2021, between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., at an unknown time, an unidentified person killed contract soldier Vahe Manukyan.” Vahe Manukyan was recognized as a victim.

From the same source, we learned that the IC simultaneously stopped the criminal prosecution initiated against him seven months ago, by which the serviceman was charged with desertion.

To remind, we reported earlier that on November 12, 2021, contract soldier Vahe Manukyan went to another position 1 km away from his position in order to bring his fellow soldier’s backpack, and on his way back, he disappeared. To date, there is no information about Vahe Manukyan’s whereabouts. learned from the materials of Vahe Manukyan’s criminal case that after conducting a seven-month preliminary investigation, the Criminal Investigation Department came to the conclusion that there was not enough evidence for the desertion charge against Vahe Manukyan and stopped the criminal prosecution against the serviceman. This information was also confirmed by the spokesperson of the Central Committee in a conversation with us, without giving details.

It should be noted that Vahe Manukyan’s wife, Liana Meliksetyan, was recognized as the successor of the victim.

We learned from the documents that Vahe Manukyan’s location remains unknown to the law enforcement officers. On May 24, in response to our inquiry, the IC reported that there is a snow-covered valley on the inter-positional road through which Vahe Manukyan passed, and they are waiting for the snow to melt in order to carry out search operations. However, in the documents in our hands, this hypothesis was neither confirmed nor denied. In the near future, we will contact the IC with a request to get additional details.

After the disappearance of Vahe Manukyan, the family living in Yeghegnadzor, his wife and three adult children, faced social problems. The state did not provide any support to the family, because the criminal case was initiated under the article of desertion in the past.

The woman, Liana Meliksetyan, now hopes that after the amendment of the article, the state will include them in the social support programs. The family does not have a house, they live on rent. They did not pay the rent of the apartment for several months, and they also accumulated debts for food in shops. Liana Meliksetyan needs the support of a lawyer to use state programs as the victim’s successor.

Contract soldier Vahe Manukyan is 33 years old from Gladzor community of Vayots Dzor. He lived with his family in the city of Yeghegnadzor. The woman says that the last time her husband went up the hill to the position, his contract was expiring, but he had to extend it after he got down.

Narek Kirakosyan

P.S. An account (number 19300174636401) was opened at the Converse Bank in the name of Vahe Manukyan’s wife, Liana Meliksetyan. Those who wish can provide social support to the family.

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