One year and eight months after the 44-day war, the parents of the deceased recruit Armen Khangaldyan are still looking for information about the circumstances, place and day of their son’s death.

Armen was born in 2020 in the city of Masis, Ararat region. He was a member of the “Young Yerkrapah” union. He was in a hurry to serve in the army so that he could continue his studies and become a historian upon his return. By lot, he served in Jrakan.

According to the soldier’s mother, Yelena Khangaldyan, the last call from her son was on October 19. “We had not heard from him after that. The last time I saw him was on July 16, when he was leaving for the army. After that, I only heard him on the phone. On September 27, when I received the news of the war, I was worried, I kept calling, but there was no connection. Then he called and his voice sounded calm.”

According to the mother, the son assured that he was not in danger, that everything was calm in his area. He even helped his sister to prepare the lessons several times by phone.

“On the last day when he called, on the 19th of the month, he talked to everyone. With his uncle, with his aunt, with me, with father, with sisters, with grandfather. He talked to everyone that day… He told me, mom, stay calm, I will come back… until the day he was found, I hoped he was a prisoner of war. I still do not believe it [that he is killed] because he was found six months later and brought in a closed coffin. I still hope he will come… I believe. Now I go to the grave, I cry, but, in my heart, I am waiting for him. He had to return home in two months…”

According to Armen’s relatives, the fact that there is no official information about the circumstances of his death raises many doubts in them.

“So much time has passed, but no one has told us anything so far. For example, everything is known about Gevorg, who died in our village, but when we ask about Armen, no one knows him. It is understandable, he was in the service only for two months, but let them tell us at least something. Even when we were called to Artashat Military Command to receive the Medal, we were given wrong data. His last call was on the early morning of the 20th of the month, but they said he died on the 14th of the month. It is impossible. They say that the relics were found in Horadiz, but, according to the latest information, Armen must have been in Fizuli,” says Yelena Khangaldyan.

According to her, it is difficult to come to terms with the idea that it will no longer be possible to find any information about her son. “They do not say anything, but let them give me at least something of his, a belt, his hat or cross, so that I can recognize and make sure that the relics they handed me are really my son’s.”

The mother of the dead soldier is now expecting a baby. She says she is happy, but it will never be possible to make up for Armen’s absence.

Ani Gevorgyan

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