Participant of the 44-day war Armen Hakobyan has serious health problems. According to Armen, who took part in the hostilities in Jebrail, he had health problems as a result of war stress, when the F16 drone fired missiles at his direction.

“We were hit by an F16 and fell into the trench. Three meters away I could hear my friend’s heart beating. I thought, ‘God, let me get wounded, but stay alive; I have three children’. I started bleeding from my mouth after being hit by an F16, but I did not have body injuries. Sometimes we did not get out of the trench for more than a day because the drone was spinning above us,” he said.

As a result of the war, Armen Hakobyan acquired a second group disability. He underwent two surgeries and had his large intestine and rectum removed.

“I got health problems due to stress. I had bleeding from my mouth. I was taken to Sisian hospital, but they did not help me. The doctors first told me it was due to war stress, then changed it and said I had a tumor on my colon. Now they have removed my large intestine,” he says.

“I drink painkillers every day so that I can live; I suffer.”

Armen Hakobyan is the father of a large family and has three children. After gaining health problems, he became unemployed, noting that he had previously worked in agriculture. The only income he has is the disability pension. He now needs treatment for which there is no financial means. A third operation is needed.

Armen Hakobyan left for to war on September 28, 2020, the first days of the war. He took part in hostilities until mid-October. He states that they received an unexpected retreat order before being injured.

“We had a weapon problem. The drone was flying, nobody was blocking the air, we were only given automatic rifles. It was raining, we were happy when the anmanned aerial vehicles were not coming. On October 10, we were ordered to retreat, but it was incomprehensible to us. We retreated without firing,” he said.

Armen Hakobyan expects the help of benefactors to solve his health problems.

Narek Kirakosyan

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