Private Arthur Babayan, who returned from captivity in Baku on February 7, was transferred to compulsory military service after returning to his homeland and being detained by the military police for 10 days. The soldier’s father Seyran Babayan mentioned this in a conversation with

According to the father, the boy was taken to the Chambarak military unit on February 18. The family claims that the boy, who returned from captivity 20 days ago, is not ready for military service, especially in the positions. They notr that the boy was subjected to physical and psychological abuse in Azerbaijan and needs to be rehabilitated. The parents do not wish to talk about the boy’s days in Baku publicly yet.

Seyran Babayan mentions that, since his son was taken to the Chambarak military unit, he was in the medical center. The father is worried: if he needs medical help, why he is not taken to a military hospital? The family requires assurances that their son will be safe during the service.

 Upon his return, Arthur was able to communicate with some of his family members only in the military police building. They did not let him visit home. The father says that his son was serving for 9 months before he was taken prisoner, but he never came on vacation.

Arthur Babayan initially went to serve in Jermuk. He was captured on November 16, 2021 during the incidents on the Armenian-Azerbaijani line of contact. He spent 3 months in captivity in Azerbaijan.

Journalists for Human Rights NGO directed some questions about Arthur Babayan to the Ministry of Defense. We will publish the answers as soon as we receive them.

Narek Kirakosyan

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