During the protest action on Baghramyan Avenue yesterday, the special detachments of the Police severely beat Yeghishe Botsinyan, a first-degree Knight of the “Battle Cross”, who was wounded in five places in the battles of Shushi. He was taken to hospital with bone injuries and bruises ․

“We were standing near the National Academy of Sciences when they started pushing and dispersing the people. I turned to the red berets angrily and said, “Guys, aren’t you ashamed? Go up to the border, the real boxing is going on there now, go and box the Turks.” They started dragging me, beating and bringing me to their car standing in the [territory of the] National Assembly, threw me in like I were a sack and started hitting me harder. I was suffocating, I fainted,” Yeghishe told Forrights.

The police personally called an ambulance, from where the boy was taken to the Republican Hospital. At around 02:00 at night, Yeghishe was visited by the police, where they compiled a relevant protocol and left.

The forensic doctor records fractures on the ribs, traces of blows on the neck and head.

Materials about the incident are being prepared in the Arabkir Police Department. As Forrights was informed by the Police, an official investigation has been appointed.

Yesterday’s incident is a double pain for Yeghishe ․ He is from Stepanakert [the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh], he came to Yerevan to receive medical treatment. The very next day of the war he volunteered for military operations, managed to be in the positions of Yeghnikner, Haterk, Sghnakh and Karintak. In Shushi, he was wounded in the chest; the bones on the right side and the shoulder were broken, the lung was cut off․

“I was taken to the Stepanakert morgue with a gunshot wound: they thought I had died. Then I came around and was taken to a hospital. I came to Yerevan for treatment, but in that condition seven policemen beat me almost to death,” Yeghishe says indignantly.

It should be noted that, on November 21, the Artsakh Defense Army issued a statement that during the effective reconnaissance operation, for destruction of one enemy tank, one HMM-3 and one armored personnel carrier, reservist Yeghishe Samvel Botsinyan and five reservists stood out.

According to the boy, yesterday he was on Baghramyan Avenue so that he would not allow to sign the document that became known to the public․

“Why did our boys die? So that I don’t know who will hand over the lands? How can I face the boys’ graves now?”

Roza Vardanyan

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