Artsakh is ready to assume the humanitarian responsibility without preconditions, which is deriving from the agreement on cessation of hostilities, President of Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan said, addressing the nation with a video message.

“The large-scale war, unleashed by Azerbaijan, Turkey and international terrorism against Artsakh and the Armenian people, continues. During this period the Defense Army continues resisting in a heroic way and gives powerful counterattacks to the adversary, causing huge losses in its manpower and military equipment. Our compatriots from Armenia and the Diaspora demonstrate themselves at best during the battles. The participation of our combat friends, as well as our heroic soldiers in the defense of the Homeland is important”, he said.

He highlighted the active efforts of Russia and the international community in ceasing the military actions and highly valued that mission.

“As you know, recently a trilateral meeting at the initiative of the Russian President was held in Moscow, and a statement was made at least over a humanitarian ceasefire and resumption of negotiations, but what has happened so far? The adversary, by using the chance, the next day of the statement has launched more fierce military operations, almost at the entire length of the frontline, especially in the southern direction”, he said.

Arayik Harutyunyan said there is only one way to make the ceasefire observed by the adversary, that is to force the ceasefire to the adversary. “We are in favor of starting the responsibility over the humanitarian mission without preconditions and continue the negotiations in the future for the peaceful solution of the conflict, although it’s already impossible in a peaceful way, but it’s not too late”, he said.

The Artsakh President is confident that the adversary has chosen another path: it has chosen the path of eliminating first of all the Artsakh-Armenians, and then in case of success also Armenia, rather than solving the Karabakh issue. “We had more difficult times in 1992-1994 when there were military operations in the outskirts of Gandzasar, Askeran, Martuni, Hadrut and etc. We managed to win because we were believing in victory. Today as well we believe that we will win, we need to be united and most importantly to participate in the combat operations. I expect the active participation of my brothers, the Karabakh people living in the Diaspora, our brothers living in Armenia. Today is the crucial moment. We must continue to live with an honor: therefore, I call for not only material participation, which is very important, and I am thankful for that, but also for the physical participation. We need that. Thank you. We will win”, the President of Artsakh said.

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