Khachatryan, an officer of the Berd Police Department of the RA Police, exceeding his powers, called Vizgen Gyozalyan, a resident of Chinchin village, and ordered him to write a document stating that he, Vazgen Gyozalyan, wanted to serve in the army. Otherwise, if the young man does not comply with his order, the police officer threatened to imprison him for five years.

The point is that Vazgen Gyozalyan has health problems incompatible with his military service, such as heart defects, including sinus node problems, a pathology that caused him to get deferment twice during conscriptions. This time, the Central Military Medical Commission found the boy fit to serve with restrictions. He is due to appear at a central military base on January 30. However, his mother disagrees with this conclusion and sends complaints to corresponding instances. And the police officers decided to put pressure on the boy, forcing him to write down that he agrees to serve in the army.

Here is what Vazgen Gyozalyan’s mother, Elmira Alaverdyan, says: “My child was called, he went there. There is a Hayk Khachatryan out there. He called, saying Gyozalyan Vazgen should come, and that they have received a letter saying that he has escaped. But how can one escape? Our notice is dated January 30. He wrote in the notice that he did not avoid the army but had a health problem and found that his documents were not in normal state.” Police did not allow her mother to enter Hayk Khachatryan’s office.

The woman tells that they intimidated the boy. “They said, ‘Write that you want to serve’. My son was scared, he had a heart problem, he got worse. My child came out, he says, mom, he gave me a pen and said that he was the one who decides; write down that you want to go to serve, if not, I will sentence you and give five years. My son told him to sue, but he was not evading the army, “I’m not fleeing, I’m just sick,” he said.”

We contacted Lobyan, the head of the Berd Police Department. We described the situation and asked to clarify Khachatryan’s conduct. The head of the department denied that such a thing had happened. “There was no problem. We have received notice of the person being subject to compulsory military service. We invited him to the interview and interviewed him. “

But did you say during the interview that he ran away from the service? To this question of Lobyan answered: “No. There was no talk about escape, it may have been about avoiding service.” As to what right the police officer had to deal with the draft, he could not answer, readdressing our questions to the police press service. He insisted that there were no threats to the boy, no rude treatment of him, and quickly bid us farewell.

Syuzan Simonyan

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