A unique forensic examination of the case of death of Captain Andranik Mkrtchyan has been conducted. According to the forensic expert’s opinion, no blood, no traces of brain, skin or any kind of tissue were found on the bullet, with which, according to the preliminary investigation body, the captain committed suicide, and which passed through the captain’s head. This at least means that the investigative body has forged material evidence, and Captain Andranik Mkrtchyan was killed with a completely different bullet, a completely different weapon and, possibly, at a completely different location.

The hero of the four-day April war Andranik Mkrtchyan, commander of the Meghri N military unit, died on August 20, 2017.

Investigators consider it proven that on the day of the incident Andranik Mkrtchyan, after parting with his girlfriend, drove back to the city of Agarak, entered his dormitory, ate an omelet with his friend, put dirty dishes in the sink, got out of the dormitory, within three minutes reached the military unit, entered the arsenal of the regiment, took his machine gun from there, went to his office in the military unit and committed suicide. The investigators have not provided any reason for suicide.

According to the victim’s successor’s legal representative Hayarpi Sargsyan, a false investigation has been carried out since the first day, and the murder was presented as a suicide. Andranik Mkrtchyan’s relatives think so too.

According to the materials of the criminal case, in particular the forensic report of Captain Mkrtchyan’s body’s examination, the shot was fired under his chin, and the bullet passed through the most important organs of the captain’s head, getting out from his nape-head segment.

In February last year, Hayarpi Sargsyan petitioned for the bullet to be sent to forensic examination.

The motion was to answer the question of whether there were traces of brain and blood on the bullet.

The preliminary investigation body had delayed the discussion of the lawyer’s motion for about a year and a half, probably hoping that the latter would be tired of applying, but the lawyer repeatedly insisted on her motion.

Finally, the expert’s answer arrived: “No cells of any tissue, including brain tissue, were found on the bullet.”

21-year-old military expert Ruben Martirosyan insists that, if the bullet passed through the person’s head, brain and blood tissues on that bullet should be present.

“If the blazing bullet passes through the person’s head, the brain tissues do not stick, but momentarily dry and weld to the bullet. If there were no such materials on the bullet presented by the investigators, it clearly indicates that the murder weapon has been criminally altered, the bullet has been criminally altered. I think the assassin’s weapon and bullet were  concealed; instead, a shot was fired from Andranik Mkrtchyan’s gun, and his bullet and gun were criminally presented as material evidence. The preliminary investigative body, in order to conceal the crime, has initially tried to put forward an absurd version. From the very first day I got acquainted with this case, I announced that Andranik Mkrtchyan did not commit suicide, that he was killed. Today we have undeniable proof of it. Where is the prosecutor’s office overseeing the proceedings? This is a systemic crime,” Ruben Martirosyan tells Forrights.am.

To the question “What actions are you going to take after making sure that the material proof bullet is actually forged?” attorney Hayarpi Sargsyan answered:

“Regarding these facts, we are going to submit a report on crime to the National Security Service. We think that the NSS should seriously deal with assassinations in the army, which are presented as suicides, and that the investigative body relentlessly, even after presenting the most substantiated evidence that people were killed, does not want to re-define suicide cases as murders.”

Hayarpi Sargsyan recalls that the captain had a problem with military police officers about two months before his murder.

Bullets were found from Mkrtchyan’s apartment. He was posthumously charged with illegally acquiring and holding bullets. Later, however, it was proved that the captain had nothing to do with acquiring and keeping them illegally, and the charge was dropped. As of how the bullets appeared in the captain’s apartment, or what connection his problems with the police might have had with his death, no investigation was carried out.

“It should be noted that the preliminary investigative body, the RA Investigative Committee, has investigated the criminal case with only one version — suicide, notwithstanding the fact that we have repeatedly filed complaints and reports about the crime, alerting them to investigate the murder version,” the lawyer said.

Syuzan Simonyan

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