State Minister of Artsakh Ruben Vardanyan initiated a rally which will take place in Stepanakert on December 17, at 15:00.

“These 4 days, which we passed in this situation, enabled us all to understand that we are united. Therefore, we are announcing a rally for tomorrow which we will be held in Stepanakert at 15:00. I call on everyone to participate in the rally in order to show our strength, our unity and show that Artsakh is a big power”, he said live on social media.

Vardanyan said he understands that there is still a long path to pass for implementing Artsakh’s independence, security and development program. “But we cannot reach victory if we are not honest and fair to each other. All those who hope that there will be some special conditions for them should give up that hope”, the State Minister said.


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