Tamar Dumbalyan, displaced from Aghavno, is deprived of the opportunity to buy an apartment in Armenia with a certificate issued by the state. The government of Artsakh refuses to give her 10 million drams due to her, reasoning that she is a Diaspora Armenian.

“We were told by the headquarters (operational headquarters of the Artsakh government in Armenia, – editor) that you came from Lebanon and resettled in Artsakh, so you can only buy a house in Artsakh with the certificate, this is Armenia’s decision. My passport was issued by Armenia, but not by the Republic of Artsakh, so I am a citizen of the Republic of Armenia. Yes, I have resettled, but by what right do they decide where I should live? I don’t know, the situation is complicated,” said Tamar Dumbalyan, confused.

About half a month ago, we discussed the social problems of Tamar Dumbalyan, who was displaced from Aghavno. She, her disabled husband and minor child now live in Etchmiadzin. The Red Cross paid their rent for two months. Mrs. Tamar hoped that during these two months she would be able to find an apartment with the money allocated by the state; however, some time ago they said that she can buy an apartment in only Artsakh. Now she wants to make her voice heard so that the government departments will hear about his problem and change their decision.

“They took my house from me without asking me. Where should I stay? My husband is sick. How can I go back and forth from and to Stepanakert? The doctor is in Armenia. He has been in the hospital for two weeks.

It will be very bad for me. I put my hope only on that certificate, that I would have a corner, a house that would be mine, I would work, I would support my family, but the problem of the house has caused many other problems. They definitely won’t give it to me, but I will try to change that provision, so that at least I can get the certificate. I found a house corresponding to the 10 million they should give me, but I can’t get along like this; how long can I live on rent, it’s very difficult for me to pay the rent,” said Tamar Dumbalyan.

The family has a number of social problems. Mrs. Tamar said that they buy expensive medicines for her husband, she has a school-aged child, and she needs money to send him to school. The family does not have a stable source of income.

Mrs. Tamar heard that in Artsakh they will offer to live in the communities of Hin Shen, Mets Shen and in the villages of Askeran region.

Harut Berberyan, the head of the Kashatagh office of the operational headquarters of the Artsakh government in RA, stated in this regard that the decision is not new, it was adopted by the RA government on February 17 of this year.

“Yes, there is such a decision, in which there are 3 divisions. one gives the displaced family the right to use the apartment purchase certificate and buy an apartment in Yerevan, RA and Artsakh, the seconf– only in RA and Artsakh, and the 3rd only in Artsakh. The 3rd refers to the displaced families who moved from individual regions of Artsakh or from other countries and were resettled in the regions of Artsakh. How problematic is the law, whether there will be changes in it or not, I cannot say,” said Berberyan.

Let us remind, however, that the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures of Artsakh, Hayk Khanumyan, when visiting Aghavno, had urged the residents to leave their houses without burning them or removing the doors and windows, but he did not say a word about this decision.

It should be noted that the Dumbalyan family needs social support. Those who want to help, please call 077 50 19 24.

Narek Kirakosyan

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