The health condition of Aren Aramyan, a contract soldier who has returned from captivity in Azerbaijan and has been detained for a month, is deteriorating. It is impossible to treat him in a penitentiary institution. Ara Karapetyan, the lawyer of the former prisoner of war warns about this.

“One or two doctors visited Aren and verbally stated that his condition was bad, he needs to be thoroughly examined. However, we do not have any response yet. We have made inquiries to the penitentiary to take him to the hospital, but we have not received an answer yet. Aren’s condition is the same as a month ago,” said Ara Karapetyan.

Aren Aramyan was taken prisoner on November 16 during bloody battles on the border between Syunik and Vayots Dzor regions of Armenia. After being held captive for ten days, he was handed over to the Armenian side, after which he was arrested. He is currently in Armavir penitentiary.

Aren Aramyan received bodily injuries during the hostilities, which got worse first in the prisons of Azerbaijan and now in Armenia.

“He has a severe gunshot wound to the knee, with multiple fractures. After being taken prisoner, he received blows to his head, there are stitches on his head. According to Aren Aramyan, dizziness occurs often. The leg is immobile at the moment: it has been in that state since the day he was brought back. He has to undergo rehabilitation treatment, which is not possible at the moment. The officials are not showing any consistency in making sure that the situation does not get worse,” the lawyer said. He stated that, if he does not get the necessary treatment now, he will not be able to walk.

“His leg is immobile; he moves with the help of two crutches. He is able to put only one foot on the ground,” he said.

28-year-old junior sergeant Aren Aramyan served in Vanadzor, in “Dutsi” military unit. He was a contract soldier. Aren Aramyan was a participant in the July and 44-day wars, during which he received a shrapnel wound. Aren received two head injuries on the battlefield.

Earlier, his relatives told us that he had taken part in the battles of Syunik on November 14-16 and was under siege in those days. Aren informed the family about this on November 16 at around 11 o’clock, after which they lost contact with him.

“Three positions were blocked and Aren was in one of them. He said that he was under siege: they had been under siege from November 14 to 16. They were not able to deliver food to them, fuel or help. When I analyze the facts, I understand that these people were left to the whims of fate.

He was under siege, but he was telling us ‘We have to keep our land’. The commander of the Aren’s battalion asked the Syunik command staff several times to withdraw the troops from the area, to save the people, but no one cared. My brother definitely fought at the expense of his life. Aren was injured, and at the moment he is injured in the knee, the knee was operated on in Azerbaijan,” his brother Karen Aramyan told

Narek Kirakosyan

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