According to the Penitentiary Service, sampling was carried out in all penitentiaries to detect COVID-19 virus. Persons with positive diagnoses kept in Goris, Armavir and Convicts’ Hospital penitentiaries were transferred to the pre-separated department  of the Convicts’ Hospital for observation.

Currently, 49 people with positive diagnoses are being held in Convicts’ Hospital penitentiary institution under the supervision of doctors.

At the same time, we inform that  the biological death of a convict K.G. of Armavir penitentiary, born in 1980, was registered in “St. Grigory the Illuminator” civilian hospital today.

On October 31, the convict was diagnosed with COVID-19, the next day, on November 1, at 15:00, he was transferred to the Convicts’ Hospital penitentiary and then to “St. Grigory the Illuminator” civilian hospital on the same day, at 17:45. Materials are being prepared and a forensic medical examination has been appointed to find out the circumstances of the death.

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