The Azerbaijani armed forces have launched an obvious terrorist attack on Armenia, including in the vicinity of some civilian communities in the Syunik province. Their actions are criminal from the beginning, and are part of the genocidal policy of Azerbaijan. After the war, the Azerbaijani armed forces invaded and unlawfully deployed in the vicinity of the Armenian communities and in the sovereign territory of Armenia. Since then, in different periods, they have been engaged in regular crimes, including terrorist acts.

There are shootings in the direction of Armenian communities; they are a real danger to the life and health of the civilians; they set fires to pastures and grasslands; the free movement of people is restricted because of their actions, etc.The Armenian servicemen protect the life and health of the population of Armenian from the Azerbaijani criminal acts.

The Human Rights Defender of Armenia has initiated an urgent missions and studies of the Azerbaijani terrorist acts taking place since November 14, 2021.According to certain reports, 6 Armenian servicemen were captured by Azerbaijani armed forces: This is a blatantly unlawful act, since the deployments of the Azerbaijani servicemen and their acts are without any legal basis.The Azerbaijani authorities bear the entire responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the life and health of Armenian servicemen with their unlawful and terrorist acts.

The Human Rights Defender sends reports to the international community related to the situation on the situation.

Mr. Arman Tatoyan

The Human Rights Defender of Armenia

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