Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Avinyan emphasizes that the authorities will toughly stop any coup attempts, but underlines that if necessary, the authorities will leave and new government will be formed, ARMENPRESS reports Tigran Avinyan told Public TV.

‘’I want to remind that in 1990s, when domestic-political unrest was taking place in Azerbaijan, the Armenian army effectively benefited from the domestic problems. I want to assure all the political forces, who are trying to derive benefit in the light of the martial law, that there will be no tolerance or velvet approach for this issue. The Republic of Armenia and our statehood is above all and everyone’s ambitions. I mean the time for our domestic political processes, who is to blame, who is responsible will definitely come and if necessary the authorities will leave, new government will be elected, but personally I and our team can never allow coup attempts”, Avinyan said.

To the question if he sees any threat for a coup, Avinyan answered, ”I have heard such calls, but I want to assure that such attempts will be toughly stopped”.

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