What a soldier told


“My relationship with my commander, to put it mildly, was not good. I do not know why. Things were very tense in the positions as well. There was a moment when it was needed to keep the line of fire until reinforcement arrived. He lined us all up and said, “This is not an order: let one of you come with me voluntarily; the two of us have to keep the top position.” I stepped forward and said ‘I will’. He looked askance at me, putted my shoulder, and took me with him. We resisted for 2 hours. Help arrived. When the fighting stopped, my commander held my hand and took me to the water tank, made me sit down, kissed my forehead, and began to wash my face. He was washing my face with both hands, and I was crying quietly because I knew my tears were mixed with water and he would not see them.”

From the Facebook page of writer, publicist Hovik Charakhchyan