Hayk Sahakyan

When going to serve in the army, my Hayk was saying:

“I am the guardian angel of you all.”

And that’s what happened: Hayk became our guardian angel.

Luisa, the girlfriend of 20-year-old Hayk Sahakyan, who died as a result of the Azerbaijani aggression, remembers her beloved with bright and vivid memories.

From the very first days of the war, with his short calls, Hayk ordered his family members and the loved ones not to be depressed.

“He kept calling, saying, ‘Don’t worry, my love, everything is right, take good care of you, I love you very much, I will call you’. He called every day, he was very happy and calm. if I did not know him, I would think he was hiding in a safe place. He only said that I should remember how much he loved me, he repeated that all the time. When I was asking him to promise that he would come back, he refused, saying he could not make the promise.”

Hayk’s brother’s friends went to Hadrut during the war, met with him, then called his family and told them that everyone was talking about Hayk and the 6 soldiers who were with him, how they were fighting on the front lines, and moving forward.

Along with great pride, there was deep anxiety among the relatives. Hayk was still trying to calm them down as much as possible…

“He said there is nothing here [going on], it is normal, I eat, sleep, there is nothing to do. During the very last conversation, he promised to come back, he said, ‘Never forget how much I love you, take good care of you, take care of you until I come’.

He asked me to go to St. Gregory the Illuminator Church and light 3 candles. I did. While talking to friends, he had said that he was at the frontline, that his friends there were doing everything to achieve their goals.”


On the fifth day of the war, on October 1, Hayk was killed. The soldier’s uncle tells that Hayk and his comrade-in-arms Mkhitar–Mkho became a living shield for their other friend, saving his life:

“Hayk, Mkho and Artur were friends, they were, in fact, seven friends; four are no more, three are injured). The wall collapsed on the friend from the stroke of the first “Grad”. They ran with Mkho, took out the friend, and at that moment the second Grad hit. My Hayk, with his other friend, covered the friend with their bodies under the wall… They were killed. And the injured friend opened his eyes at the time of Hayk’s wake, although his condition was severe,” tells Armen Sahakyan.

Hayk and Luisa were planning to get engaged in the near future. With four months left until the end of the military service, it seemed like it was their last challenge and they would have been the happiest people a few months later.

“However grieved, I am also inexpressibly proud. I am sure he enjoys his well-deserved kingdom in paradise.

Although offended by life, I am thankful that I knew you, that you chose me, that I had the most beloved and unique story.

“I love you more than ever.”

Roza Vardanyan

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