Journalists for Human Rights NGO’s attorney Hayarpi Sargsyan, who represents the interests of several dead servicemen, has challenged investigators in three criminal cases simultaneously. These three cases were qualified as suicides. The lawyer is convinced that these are murders concealed by the military prosecutor’s office. He petitioned RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan to institute criminal cases on official crimes committed by investigators.

Andranik Mkrtchyan was killed in another place and with another weapon

The body of Captain Andranik Mkrtchyan with gunshot wound in the area of his jaw was discovered on August 20, 2017 in the office of the commander of the intelligence of N military unit. A forged note was found in his pocket, in which the captain allegedly sought to blame no one in his death, and allegedly realized what he had done.

“It is on the basis of this note that investigators have initiated a case under Article 110 of the Criminal Code, “Committing Suicide”.” Hayarpi Sargsyan points to facts that prove what happened was murder.

 “First, Andranik Mkrtchyan told his girlfriend via the Wiber social network that he would write in half an hour, but he didn’t write because he was killed. Second, he was due to go to the military unit on Monday, but was repeatedly called and told to go to the military unit immediately. He went on Sunday and was killed. The brown spot found on his clothing was found also in his service flat: it was not sent for examination but was removed. In May, 2017 Andranik had a bitter argument with traffic police officers and they threatened that they would kill him.

No blood or brain cell traces were found on the bullet with which Mkrtchyan allegedly committed suicide. The forensic examination confirmed that the bullet found at the scene did not pass through Andranik Mkrtchyan’s head, meaning that Andranik Mkrtchyan a) was killed, b) Andranik Mkrtchyan was killed with another weapon, c) Andranik Mkrtchyan  was killed in another place, says the lawyer.

Gasparyan couldn’t shoot in his mouth, then his head, in order to die

On the night of May 4, 2018, the body of the soldier Artur Gasparyan was found near the shelter of the unit called Bus 3 in the military unit with a gunshot wound in the mouth and head. A case was initiated under the same article — “Committing Suicide”. In his possession was found A. A. Gasparyan’s machine gun and two fired bullets’ shells.

The examination proved that from the machine gun submitted for examination one can only make one shot with a single click. In order to make the next shot, you need to release the trigger and press it again.

“Also, a combination of the findings of other forensic examinations show that Gasparyan could not inflict himself with such a gunshot injury under the circumstances, he could only get one shot fired—not one shot at his mouth, then one more shot on his head–and then die. That is, the forensic findings refuted the false version of suicide,” says Hayarpi Sargsyan.

The fingerprints on the “suicide” weapon belong other people

On October 1, 2018, compulsory conscript Gevorg Haroyan of unit N fired at his chest from co-worker Gor Ts’s  shotgun. According to investigators, he died at the hospital in about two hours. Investigators have again filed a suicide case. During the meeting with the Prime Minister, the victim’s uncle presented the conclusion of the forensic examination, according to which no fingerprints were found on the identified machine gun. At the suggestion of the Prime Minister a DNA forensic examination was performed and it found that there were DNA traces of other persons on the rifle and there were no Haroyan’s DNA traces. Ignoring this fact, investigators continue to “justify” the false version of suicide up to today.

“For years we have no military prosecutor’s office, prosecutorial control over investigations are replaced by corruptions in result of which the real criminals are being hidden and, therefore, the real circumstances of the cases, which is evidenced by many forensic findings,” the lawyer concludes in her conversation with

All her complaints and reports were forwarded to the body conducting the proceedings by the prosecution, that is, the body against which they were directed.

Syuzan Simonyan

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