“Not only serviceman Yurik Broyan has not been recognized as a cheater, his actions did not have deceiving character at all. The conclusion of the supplementary forensic psychiatric examination reaffirmed this,” says lawyer Hayarpi Sargsyan, presenting the examination results.

“Yurik Broyan’s actions are conditioned by his personality and situation, that is, the change of the social environment, to which he was unable to adapt.”

Hayarpi Sargsyan particularly emphasized the final part of the forensic conclusion։ “The criminal-procedural situation created over Broyan has contributed to the emergence of the reaction and prolongation of this response.”

Forrights has repeatedly referred to Yurik Broyan’s health condition, to his needed of treatment, as well as to the fact that he was illegally kept in the Military Police, which contributed to the deterioration of Broian’s health.

It should be reminded that three criminal cases are being examined in the Military Prosecutor’s Office related to Yurik Broyan: on violence against him by the military unit commander, Article 311, Part 1; Article 314; Article 358.1, point 1 of the Part 3; Article 375, Part 1; with the facts of the conflict with a psychiatric officer who broke into Broyan’s mother and hit her, as well as on the fact of his self-injury.

For the last case, the Yezidi military serviceman has the status of accused. He was charged with Article 363 of the RA Criminal Code.”

This last criminal case was subject to cancellation as the amnesty was applicable in this case, and there was also the application filed by Yurik Broyan to apply amnesty to his case, but the case had not been cancelled. Moreover, the investigator put aside the outcome of forensic psychiatric examination, according to which Yurik Broyan was not a cheater, and has requested additional examination.

It is noteworthy that in the materials of the criminal case contained in the conclusion of the forensic psychiatric examination, the record of the officer-psychologist of the military unit is present, according to which, “from the very first day of the service [of Yurik Broyan], a fall in mood, depression were deducted, which are associated with the health issues reported. The soldier is hard to adapt, he constantly has headaches that lead to fainting, but it has not been recorded in the service. He also has heart problems, leg problems. The servant falls into psychological tension, cannot control his nerves in a depressing situation.

Before being drafted, he was a patient in a psychiatric hospital three times. Falling in nervous condition, he has made self-injuries on shoulders. This situation began when he was

15 years old, which led to deferment in his service. From his external movements and behavioral manifestations it is noticed that the serviceman cannot overcome such behavioral manifestations.

On August 30, at around 13:30, near the bathroom of the N military unit, with the help of shaving device, unable to control his nerves under the anxious state, he made a large number of surface scratches on the inside of his left wrist.

Lawyer Hayarpi Sargsyan considered the fact that, in its official statements on Yurik Broyan, the Ministry of Defense has always emphasized that he was a “cheater” when, in reality, the psychologist’s psychological characteristics was present in the case.

“From this, we can conclude that it was obvious from the beginning that Yurik Broyan is not a cheater, and he has just been sent from a military unit to some medical facility to clarify the extent to which his health problems were, but not to see if he was a cheater or not. So, Yurik Broyan was kept in the military police groundlessly and received no treatment.”

The following are the findings of the materials in the criminal case, medical records, the CRBC’s conclusion, the records of the RA soldier’s personal service record, the forensic expert’s conclusion, the personal file, and the results of the current research.

The attorney added that she received a response from the Garrison Military Prosecutor’s Office that the crime report was submitted to the 4th Garrison Investigation Department of the General Investigative Department of Yerevan, where materials are being prepared for resolving the reported problem in accordance with Articles 180-181 of the RA Criminal Code .

Azniv Siradeghyan

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