A new fact has been revealed, which proves that the hypothesis of suicide of the April War hero Capitan Andranik Mkrtchyan (killed on August 20, 2017 in N military unit of the Meghri region of Armenia) brought by investigators is false. This was the killed officer’s family’s conviction for already a long time, before even the revelation of new facts.

Let’s remind: the investigative body considers it proven that on the day of the incident, Andranik Mkrtchyan returned to the town of Agarak in his Volkswagen with his fiancé, entered his dormitory, where he lived, had omelet in his room with a friend , put the dirty plates in the sink, and got out. He reached the military unit in three minutes, entered the military arsenal, took his rifle from there, went to his office in the military unit and committed suicide. No reason for suicide the investigators have offered.

According to the preliminary investigation body, a note was found in captain’s pocket in which he was asking not to blame anyone for his death.

“No one should be blamed; I have realized what I was doing,” says the note. First of all, let us note that in posthumous writing, it would be logical to use a present tense, “I realize what I am doing”, which would at least mean that, while writing, he still was alive. But the author of the note speaks about suicide in a way as if it were already committed.

This strange statement is the only basis for the preliminary investigation body to qualify the captain’s death as suicide.

Andranik Mkrtchyan’s family members do not recognize their son’s handwriting, do not believe in the manuscript examination comclusion, according to which the message was written by the captain.

“One clearly can see that this is not my son’s handwriting. We also took my son’s notebook there, to compare. He wrote with tiny letters that were also slant. But in the “Suicide” note everything is otherwise: they have erased the tail of “M” trying to resemble to his handwriting; they have made erroneous hyphenations. My boy would never commit suicide: he was one of the heroes of the Talish battles,” says Andranik Mkrtchyan’s father, Armen Mkrtchyan.” They are covering up my kid’s assassination; they killed my kid and brought his dead body to the office. Everything is staged!”

And here the legal successors of the victim have become aware that, among the evidence, there is a draft note of the suicide note. On a piece of cardboard, the copy of which is presented in the photo, there are part of letters and separate words. This may mean that the person who wrote the “posthumous” note, before writing the note had attempted to reproduce the handwriting of the captain and, for that purpose, has performed exercises on a piece of cardboard.

This paper with writing exercises proves that, in reality, there was no posthumous note, and the investigators committed an official offense by creating an evidence, creating an artificial basis for presenting the assassination as a suicide.

This is what Ruben Martirosyan, a criminal military expert, told the Forrights.am: he had examined the details and expert conclusions of the case.

“He who had to commit the crime,” says Martirosyan, “drew the draft in order to falsify Andranik’s handwriting successfully, and then wrote down the note. They write that they have found this note in Andranik Mkrtchyan’s pocket, but they wrote this fraudulent transcript several days after the assassination and changed the record of the location examination, made a new record, in which the note had already been found. They brought somebody to Andranik’s lodging and said write it down. And, this person, in order to do it, has attempted to write letters similar to Andranik’s handwriting. If previously there was nothing written on this paper and now there is, it means we are dealing with a forger who wrote those words, that is, a crime has been committed. The whole evidence is falsified. Andranik did not write that letter”.

According to the preliminary investigation body, during the location examination, they have removed a piece of carboard from Andranik Mkrtchyan’s pocket, the bottom of which was torn. A few days later, conducting another examination, they found out the second half of the carboard in his apartment with a pen next to it, which they confiscated. They confiscated all other pens too from the apartment. The first handwriting examination revealed that none of these pens have been used to write the note. They had also found out that the piece of cardboard found in Mkrtchyan’s pocket coincides with the other piece of cardboard found in the bedroom. The expert did not mention anything about the presence of letters or words on the torn part of the cardboard, only one thing – they have been one piece of paper, a whole.

The representative of the victim’s legal successor, Hayarpi Sargsyan, filed a complaint to the Prosecutor General’s Office in which she wrote the above-mentioned facts and concluded that the preliminary investigation body had the draft of the note, but concealed it from her.

“The abovementioned is also a reason for me to recuse the investigative group of this criminal case,” the lawyer writes. She asks to take measures to detect the author of Andranik’s “posthumous letter”. Prosecutor General’s Office of Armenia informs Forrights.am: “Hayarpi Sargsyan’s complaint was received, discussed at the RA Military Prosecutor’s Office and the prosecutor’s decision was to reject the complaint.” The prosecutor’s press officer did not convey any grounds for the refusal.

Syuzan Simonyan

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