His genetic characteristics are absent from his gunshot trigger.

There are two different persons’ genetic characteristics on the trigger of the gun.

“The 21-year-old Gevorg Haroyan could not commit suicide. It is excluded that his finger touched the trigger therefore the version of “suicide” is also excluded,” military expert Ruben Martirosyan told Forrights, referring to the circumstances of Gevorg Haroyan’s death in the military unit months ago.

According to the first clause of the results of the genealogical examination, traces of sweat and fat were detected on the trigger of the gun from which DNA was inspected revealing that they were a mixture of genetic characteristics of two different persons. The expert excluded that these tracks might belong to Gevorg Haroyan.

“After receiving this conclusion, the preliminary investigation body was obliged to redress the case under Article 104 of the Criminal Code, murder, which, however, it did not do, and still examines the suicide version, showing their bias,” the expert expressed his indignation.

Mechanical injuries, hemorrhage and scars were found on the face, hands and feet of the victim, which were caused by blunt, rigid objects.

According to expert examination of Haroyan’s body, cuts were caused 3-5 days before the victim’s death, and the hemorrhage at the upper eyelid of the right eye caused shortly before his death.

According to expert Ruben Martirosyan, the experts should have noted a definite time, but they left room for evasion by writing “very shortly before”, that is, seconds or two minutes before the death.

“A person unknown to us struck Gevorg Haroyan in the eye, caused hematoma and then, immediately after that, has shot and killed him,” said Ruben Martirosyan adding that Gevorg Haroyan died a few hours later in the hospital without gaining consciousness.

The forensic examination found out hematoma in right upper eyelid of the victim, cuts on the nose and left arm joint which were cased much sooner—seven or more days before the soldier’s death.

Gevorg Haroyan’s relatives also exclude the suicide version. From the very first days of his military service, Haroyan complained about the unit and the company. The mother of the victim tells that her son was humiliated and mortified.

“The Martuni district prosecutor’s office says that the gunshot was fired from two meters distance. Now, how could my son shot himself from that distance,” states the victim’s mother who is sure that her son was murdered. “My son was telling me that everyone there was villain, from sergeants to high-ranking officers. All two months of his service my son was beaten,” tells the mother.

The victim’s successors plans to request the preliminary investigation body to change the initiated case from suicide (Article 110 of the RA Criminal Code) to premeditated murder under (Article 104 of the RA Criminal Code).

Let us remind that on October 1, 2018, at about 10:50 AM, during cleaning of the armaments in the above-mentioned military unit, Gevorg Haroyan was shot by a fellow serviceman Gor Tsolakyan from the latter’s AK 74 type machine gun. Gevorg Haroyan was shot on the left-side of his chest and was transferred to the Martuni hospital where he dies at 3:00 PM.

“The results of the preliminary and urgent actions provide sufficient grounds to assume that Haroyan died as a result of his own actions,” notes the conclusion of the head of the Garrison Investigation Department.

It should also be noted that within the framework of the criminal case there are no results of the forensic examination of the weapon and traces when 3.5 months have passed since the incident.

On the basis of the evidence obtained, Sergeant M. Ch. was arrested on October 2, commander L. P. was arrested on October 4, and, five days later, charges were filed against D. S.; the latter was not arrested but handed over to the command of the military unit.

Azniv Siradeghyan

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