The Investigative Committee is investigating the case of breach of confidentiality of the conversation between the director of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan and the Special Investigative Service Sasun Khachatryan by way of recording and publishing the coversation.

The investigative Committee informed that several addresses were searched without revealing who were searched. The message followed press reports that the office of was being searched.

Later on the Investigative Committee informed that the operative investigative group visited the editorial office for a search in line with the law, noting that the search had nothing to do with the journalistic activity and was aimed at conducting a comprehensive, objective and full investigation to check the preliminary data acquired under this criminal case, to clarify the medium of secretly recording and leaking the telephone conversation between the heads of the two law enforcement agencies.

The Investigative Service refers to operative data that the recording was first published on the website of and was shortly removed. According to Google search, the video which spread on the web on 11 September 2018 was first published there two days earlier. During the search a computer processor and 2 memory devices were seized for an examination.

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